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Multi channel career development management

Dalian Qi Hua has designed a multi-channel career development route for employees from different channels to high-ranking jobs. Employees have the opportunity to change roles and start a new career at any time.
High potential personnel development plan
Based on the competency model, Dalian Qihua uses a comprehensive evaluation center, 360-degree competency evaluation, personality test, emotional intelligence test and other evaluation tools to select and train high-potential personnel scientifically. Hierarchical managers of high potential personnel work together with high potential personnel to develop personal development plan (IDP). Through training, rotating posts, job agency, expatriation, new project training, etc., the management ability of potential personnel can be improved comprehensively and systematically.
Combination of training and guidance
Dalian Qihua invests considerable training funds annually according to its business priorities and job requirements, provides advanced training including general skills, job skills and management skills, and regularly tracks and evaluates the training results in order to enhance the job skills and competencies of employees. Employees will receive new recruits training and post skills training systematically after entry.
New employee induction training is designed to help new employees get to know more quickly, understand and integrate together. Training content includes: mentality adjustment, corporate culture learning, safety training, company strategy, product, technology overview, the company's business, system and process learning.
Tutorial system: In order to ensure each new employee to integrate into the new working environment faster and better, master business skills, Dalian Qihua each new employee equipped with an experienced old staff as a mentor, the mentor will guide the staff one-to-one.
Colorful amateur life
In order to enrich the life of employees, the company will organize a series of team building, Festival gatherings and other exciting activities from time to time, we can relax in this platform, but also meet colleagues from different departments; at present, the annual group wedding has become a beautiful landscape of the company.
Work guarantee
Dalian Qi Hua has provided reliable labor, social security and various life conveniences for its employees.
Work environment
Dalian Qihua adheres to the principle of combining humanistic management with scientific management, while providing modern working environment for employees, spares no effort to provide safe, healthy and comfortable working environment for employees, and provides comprehensive labor protection for employees.
Working atmosphere
Dalian Qihua believes that "a pleasant working atmosphere is the guarantee of high quality work". The company strives to create a free, sincere and equal communication platform for employees, to ensure mutual trust and recognition between colleagues, superiors and subordinates, and to realize a sense of collective identity, full teamwork and the realization of life value in work. And working atmosphere with a common goal.
Employee achievement
Dalian Qihua hopes to provide the best job opportunities for talented employees, who can exert themselves to the fullest on the Qihua stage and constantly create remarkable achievements in their jobs.



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